Saturday, 22 March 2014

Samba Carnival at Sea

Saturday the 22nd of March. Up at 9, pack and clean up before leaving, took a train at 12 PM to Helsinki together with my friend the viola player and choir conducter Marjukka Manner, writing emails for organizing Korvat auki –concerts all train ride, lunch at Uni Café, meeting up with my parents for getting stuff I had forgot and at 3PM on board on the cruising ship for work!

I haven’t been at sea since 2 month, and haven’t been on this ship since August 2013! I am working with my friend Nonna and it’s great to see her again! I have mainly been the furry boat mascot, which is fun; it’s like being a super star! Everyone wants to hug you and take pictures with you (or beat you up), and all you need to do is hug people and pose on pictures and dance and be super cute. (And yes, I’m wearing a costume so you can’t recognize me!). So we work from 3-11.30 PM (with one break for dinner), then we are free until 9 AM.

The boat currently has a six week long Brazil theme going on, so we have Brazilian musicians, dancers and chefs on board. Our Brazilian crewmembers hardly speak any English at all, so I’m communicating with them in Spanish and they reply in Portuguese and it’s fine!

We went with my friend Nonna to look at the dance show of the Brazilians, and it was really great! And they have such positive energy which also contaminates the audience, which is great! After the show we just sat in Nonnas cabin and talked about everything that has happened since we last met, which is a lot! What a great first day at work!

Here are a few pictures I took of the Brazilian dancers

©Cecilia Damström

©Cecilia Damström

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