Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Quintet "Minna" on the Radio again

Last March my first Piano Quintet "Minna - Pictures from the Life of Minna Canth" was performed by the amazing musicians of TampereRaw! It was broadcast back then  by the Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle. The radio programme "Aikamme suomalaista musiikkia" ("Finnish music of our time") is playing the recording in their latest program, so it is again online and can now be streamed all around the world for the next month! A presentation of Minna (in Finnish) begins at about 8:25 min and the actual piece begins at 11:50 min. Have a listen!

The program also contains pieces by my talented colleagues Jennah Vainio and Veli Kujala. For Finnish speaking friends I recommend you to listen to the very interesting commentary by the composer Aki Yli-Salomäki

Find the program online by clicking here!

Photo by Marthe Veian

Monday, 15 July 2019

Time of Music 2019

What a incredibleI had at Time of Music! So much great music, great lessons, great rehearsals, great sauna evenings and most important of all: great people!
Thank you Kaija Saariaho for such an inspiring master class and Uusinta Ensemble for a great premiere of my string trio Nisus 7.7 at Time of Music!

Kaija Saariaho and me at Time of Music, Viitasaari July 7th 2019

It was quite an unforgettable moment when the bow of Max Savikangas broke in the middle of my piece...! Luckily he had a spare bow with him and all ended well and the whole piece got it's premiere.
Thank you Camilla Hoitenga, John Butcher, Uusinta Ensemble, defunensemble, Peter Herresthal, Christian Karlsen, Thomas Kellner, Aliisa Neige Barrière, Jakob Kullberg, Petri Kumela, Tuuli Lindeberg, Thomas R. Moore, Alexander Schubert, Klaas Verpoest, Thomas Lehn, Aleksi Barrière and of course Kaija Saariaho and Djuro Živković for so many great concerts!
Thank you to everyone for so many great discussions and good sauna moments!

Time of Music 2019, Viitasaari, Finland