Saturday, 8 March 2014

Period Art

Saturday the 8th of March, international woman’s day. Today my friend my friends that I know in Gothenburg, Elias Liebendörfer and Ferbie Chez (also singer/actor/bartender) were working so I entertained my self in Gothenburg, which wasn’t hard at all as there is so much culture going on!

I just strolled around and walked into a small art gallery called “urban artroom”, which I really liked. The people working there were the nicest ever and they had very interesting art. In the cellar there was an art exhibition about women’s period, so it was called “Period pieces”. The exhibition was about how taboo and “dirty” it is looked upon that women have a period, although it’s a really natural thing and blood is nothing disgusting at all. The exhibition had really beautiful pictures of blood in water. They were so nice I could even hang the pictures up on my wall (if I could afford to buy it)!

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