Sunday, 23 October 2016

Short update about me

Sunday October 23rd 2016.

Short update about me: I decided to take an other gap year from my master studies (in composition) at Malmö Academy of Music. I'm living in Helsinki and working as a freelance composer. At the moment I have five commissions: three choral pieces, one opera for children and one accordion concerto. I'm also studying my last year piano pedagogy of my second bachelor at Tampere University of Applied Sciences. Moreover I have started a new "hobby": musicology at Helsinki University. (And bought a gym card to Unisport as well, after an 8 years break of no sports! So proud of myself!) I'm also planning a super cool contemporary music festival for August 2017 with my friends from Tampering

My parents are now starting their "putkiremontti" (plumbing service) and are emptying their flat (with loads of my stuff in it). And soon (in November) I’ll also get a “putkiremontti” as well. Then (in January) I will move to a new flat (within Helsinki) and in September 2017 I will move back to Malmö to complete my masters in composition!

So if my friends don't see me during the next year or two I am either composing, practising piano, travelling by train to Tampere, sitting in a lecture of musicology, writing an essay, preparing for some exam, writing a grant application, doing yoga, or cleaning up some flat. 
So please don't be offended if I'm super terrible at answering messages and emails or just generally am a lousy friend, I'm sorry already!

Hope to see all my friends at my graduation, either in 2017 (piano, Tampere/Helsinki) or in 2018 (Master of Music, Malmö)! Until then, take care! 

Yours sincerely,

Cecilia xx

P.S. Also have some sunny days in sight: In December I’m going to Spain, as my new suite for accordion solo commissioned by Janne Valkeajoki will be premiered on his tour in northern Spain, which is super exciting!