Sunday, 16 March 2014

Jouni Kaipainen’s Composition Concert

Saturday March 16th. Last night was my teacher and friend Jouni Kaipainen’s composition concert in the small hall of Tampere Hall (Tamperetalo). Shortly: the concert was fantastic! Unfortunately the rap artist Cheek had a concert at the same time (7PM) in the main hall, so the entrance hall of Tampere Hall was full of hysteric teenaged girls. But luckily the sound isolation is so good in Tampere Hall that you couldn’t hear anything of Cheeks concert in our concert hall, which was a relief.

The concert began with Jounis sixt string quartet played by Uusi Helsinki Kvartetti (but the original cellist Joel Laakso (now working in Copenhagen) was replaced by Markus Hohti). The piece as well as it’s performance was absolutely fantastic. This then turned out to be a phrase that describes every piece in the whole concert. But with this piece it was fun because I have heard it been played before by a different quartet, and it almost sounded like a different piece! Because Uusi Helsinki Quartet played the nuances until the extreme and the tempos according to the score (slightly faster than most other quartets), so the result sounded very different.

Because I liked everything in the concert I can’t think of much more to write about . But about the song cycle” Var det Edith?” (to the texts of Edit Södergran) I have to say that it is a funny coincidence that Jouni has composed it for soprano, piano and string quintet. The reason I find this funny is because I have my self composed Edith Södergrans “Landet som icke är” (“The Land which is not”) for soprano, baritone, string quintet, trumpet and percussion. So it was a quite similar ensemble. But my piece is not part of a cycle, and is only 7 min long while Jounis cycle is a whole 22 minutes. I really liked his interpretation of Södergrans texts.

After the concert all musicians as well as all composition student’s went together with Jouni, the hero of the day, to a local bar. It was a fun night, which ended quite late…

The programme of Jouni Kaipainen's concert was:

La 15.3. klo 19, Pieni sali
Jouni Kaipaisen sävellyskonsertti siivittää kevääseen.

THE TERROR RUN - Jousikvartetto n:o 6, op. 92 (2010)
ensi kertaa konsertissa Tampereella, (15’)

Petri Aarnio, viulu
Ilari Angervo, alttoviulu
Markus Hohti, sello

VAR DET EDITH? - sopraanolle ja yhtyeelle, op. 95 (2011)
koko teoksen kantaesitys, (22’)

Dagen svalnar I-IV. (Päivä viilenee I-IV.)
Min själ. – Kärlek. (Minun sieluni. – Rakkaus.)
Verktygets klagan. (Työaseen valitus.) 
Triumf att finnas till. (Olemassaolon riemu.)
Helena Juntunen, sopraano
Petri Aarnio, viulu
Ilari Angervo, alttoviulu
Markus Hohti, sello
Aapo Juutilainen, kontrabasso

SONATA DELLE CANZONE, op. 91a (2010/2014)
kantaesitys, (24’)

Lento. (Inno.)

ensi kertaa Tampereella, (20’)

PREAMBOLO. Grave. – Allegro giocoso.
CIACCONA. Andante calmo. – (…allemanda…) Allegretto moderato. – (…corrente…) Scorrevole. – (…sarabanda…) Largo maestoso. – (…gigue…) Vivace.
Taija Angervo, viulu
Ilari Angervo, alttoviulu
Markus Hohti, sello
Aapo Juutilainen, kontrabasso

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