Sunday, 30 March 2014

Choir Practice

Still Sunday the 30th of March. After conducting class ended I went home at about 17 hours thinking I would have a Skype-meeting with the composer society Korvat Auki. But I called my friend Dante Thelestam, who told me the meeting had been cancelled, so one hour free time, yippee!

At 18.00 I went to church, and after mass we had choir practise. We are going to record all the songs we sing in the English mass and make a CD of it in the near future. So we had an extra practise after mass for that reason.

I was happy we today for the first time had an "official" choir conductor Zita Szekely, who took responsibility of training us and keeping order in the choir. I don’t have time nor energy to be anything else than a passive choir member right now. The practise went quite okay, and Zita was relived, because she told me the practise the day before (which I didn't attend), had been a catastrophe! So she had hardly slept all last night as she was so worried about the coming CD, but now she was a bit calmer, because today’s practise went so much better.

It was nice meeting Zita, she was all eager about my music studies and was so sad about that she can’t come to next Sundays concert with my song cycle Dagbok. She also told me her brother works as a professional bass player in a orchestra in Hungary.

I’m quite surprised, I got home now at 22 o’clock, but I don’t even feel very tired! Maybe because it has simply been such a awesome weekend! 

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