Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Stockholm Town Theatre: Det kan du drömma om Hilda

Wednesday the 12th of March. Today I went and looked at a theatre play with my friend Niklas von Lüders (actor, studied at Calle Flygare Teaterskola). It was about a 29-year old Hilda who works as a psychiatric nurse and takes care of her old mother (who always complains about everything Hilda does). Hildas best friend is the slightly older Kathryn, who just is getting divorced and likes date sites and alcohol. The play was much about criticism of our mental health care system, but  mainly it was very funny and comic.

In a interview with the director Sissela Kyle, she sais that she thinks the author Chris Lee has written a funny, absurd and humanistic play, that she feels tells a story about the enormous loneliness. All people in the play are terribly lonesome and are not able to do anything about their situation. Everyone except Hilda and her friend Katheryin, who have each other. Their friendship is unsentimental and quite tuff but deep and real.

The play was very amusing and had many good points about how we nowadays prefer to pump people full with medicines instead of listening and actually trying to help people. But the story was slightly slow and for me the direction was a bit unclear and sometimes I felt that quite unnecessary things were put in, which only slowed down the tempo of the play. But I had many good laughs and could recognize many people in the play, so I think it was worth watching.

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