Tuesday, 25 March 2014

A Day of Piano Music

Tuesday the 25th of March. Today I had a presentation about Shostakovich and Khachaturian piano music for young students, which I hadn’t had time to prepare before this morning. So I prepared the presentation, went to my own piano class at 10 with Risto Kyrö (where we went through my piano piece Piano Delirium, which I’m playing at tomorrows Korvat Auki Tampere concert), went for a short while to the practise of the production Bus number 13 (where five of my pieces are in), lunch, went to the library for finding sheet music for the presentation, presentation 14.30-16, teaching my own piano pupil 16-17, practising for tomorrows concert, church at 18 (as I missed mass on Sunday because of work). I got a message if I could get the orchestra parts ready for my song cycle Dagbok by today (as it will be played this weekend at Pirkanmaa Pinnas conducting course, which I now will be attending my self as well!), but it was simply impossible to get them ready before tomorrows concert.

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