Friday, 14 March 2014

Début in Toronto

Friday March 14th. Sitting in the train on the way to Tampere (after a flight from Stockholm to Helsinki).

Tonight I will have my début in Toronto in Canada and I’m so excited about it! It’s my friend (and composer) Paolo Griffin who is organizing a really nice concert in Toronto with the name and theme “Northern Connections – The Music of Finland and Canada. My piece Loco Op.17 for solo viola will be performed by the Canadian viola player Emma Vachon-Tweney. Can’t wait to hear from Paolo how it went!

Here is what Paolo has written about the concert (in the Facebook event):

The first in a series of concerts hosted by New Music Toronto,
Northern Connections is a concert celebrating the striking similarities and differences, between the countries of Canada and Finland. Our two countries share many things; people with an affinity for the outdoors, great swaths of forest, bone chilling winters, and a love of good music.

As a bonus, there will be refreshments served afterwards, including one or two Finnish snacks.

Albatross** - Roope Mäenpää
Surna** - Parisa Sabet


* World Premiere
** Canadian Premiere

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