Tuesday, 25 February 2014


Welcome to my music blog! I am a multicultural composer from Finland and am at the moment finishing my bachelor degree. I’m a founding member of the composer society Tampering and a board member of an other young composer society named Korvat Auki- Open Ears.

As a composer, I often get the question; so what do you actually do, what do you work with and how? This blog is meant to answer these questions and is mainly a composer’s diary. I will mostly write about everything and anything that has to do with music and art in general (which is about 90% of my life). But I will also be writing about things that belong to music as well, such as organizing concerts, marketing, applications and social networking (and people I meet).

And because I think becoming a composer is also about growing as a person (I think personality can be heard in your music), I might write about just anything else occasionally as well.

Welcome! I hope you enjoy!

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