Thursday, 27 March 2014

Writing parts

Thursday the 27th of March. It’s 6 in the morning. I just got home from school, from the composition studio. The sun is already rising slowly over Tampere. I went to the studio at 22.00 and had decided I wouldn’t leave before I had got all the parts ready for my orchestrated version of my song cycle Dagbok, that will be practised next weekend… At about 2 AM I was already extremely tired, but as I had decided not to go before I was ready, so I stayed. At about 3 AM I put on some pop music and danced alone around in the studio for 3 min (in my concert dress, what a sight!) for getting up my pulse so that I wouldn’t feel so sleepy. At 3.30 AM I was putting on songs on Youtube and singing a long while I was doing the mecanical editing of my parts… At 5 AM I was finally READY!!!! Time to go home!!! This day only began like 21 hours ago…! Time for some SLEEP!

Good Morning Tampere!
(Taken at 5.40 from the window of the composition studio.)

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