Thursday, 20 March 2014

Oh dear oh dear…

March 20th. They called from the ship today and asked if I want to come to work from Saturday to Monday, one cruise to Stockholm as a children’s entertainer. I actually really wouldn’t have time at the moment but I spent ALL my money on my Sweden trip, so I had to accept this job offer. But it means I will lose 48 hours of working time for school…

And like if this wasn’t enough, my friend who was supposed to take care of the up-coming Korvat Auki concert next Wednesday, said he is not feeling well at all and can’t cope with the concert, so I took the responsibility for that as well. On top of my workload (which is actually for two people, not one).

So concert arrangement tasks for the next few days will be:
Emailing all composers (six including me) and ask for theis CVs and a short programme note, calling Tampere Biennale and the library Metso for asking what has and hasn’t been agreed on, make a facebook event, check with all musicians that they really can come the concert at the given time, get all the logos (Tampering, Korvat Auki, TAMK) for the program booklet, make a program booklet, make sure I have a stage manager (road man), check there is a page turner for the pianists, book the zoom recorder from our school, arrange someone to take care of the recoring, some one to hand out the flowers, some one to take photos… Well yes, I guess you get the picture, there are a lot of small things to think of, in addition to that I’m going to play my own composition (Piano Delirium) at the concert and should practise piano at some point… Oh yes did I mention that I’m also supposed to be in charge of the next Korvat Auki concert on the 26th of April and then of course I’m organizing my own composition concert on the 14th of May!

Well, I guess a composers gotta do what a composers gotta do. Wish me luck that I’m alive by the end of May!

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