Friday, 14 March 2014

KMH and home

Friday the 14th of March. Today was the last day of entrance exams, the interview for KMH in Stockholm. We were about 10 people who were invited for the entrance exams, and I heard they have about 2 places. I was not so worried about the interview today, as it is my last option of all my options in Sweden, and the other exams (in other cities) have gone quite well anyway… During the entrance exams I met Jesper Nielsen, Ole and Kerstin studying in Piteå, Bára Gísladóttir from Iceland and of course Oliver Bowers, whom I met the other day.

Today my good friend and former flatmate Mari Pakarinen also arrived for a day, to take part in the entrance exams for a masters in trumpet at KMH. Her exams went well and she was quite pleased with how it went. Afterwards we had a very nice afternoon in Stockholm together.

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