Sunday, 23 March 2014

Life at sea

Sunday 23rd of March. Work began at 9AM, at 9.30 is facial painting time, so Nonna and I are allowed to paint butterflies, flowers and spiders on children’s cheeks and arms. Lunch break at 11 AM followed by a very necessary nap. Back to work at 2.30 PM, Nonna took over the bingo while I sharpened the colour pencils for the children. Samba school for kids as a mascot, and a bit more posing and hugging once again (still as a mascot), dinner and (soya) ice cream (because it’s Sunday!), photo session (as a mascot) for children with professional photographers, competition time for children, samba carnival for children (once again as a mascot) while dancing and shaking a tambourine,  the word hunt around the boat, amazing race, and a quiz for children over 10. Cleaning up all the mess in all the rooms, locking up for the night.

Tonight we again went with Nonna and looked at the Brazilian samba show. At the show tonight there was an ice-hockey team of 14 year old boys coming back from some training camp from Sweden, and the boys went completely crazy when they saw all the beautiful Brazilian ladies! (They had probably never seen a woman live in so little clothes, except maybe their mother in the sauna…) The Brazilians took all the attention in advantage and it was a really amusing scene.

After the show Nonna and I went to her cabin and hung out for a while. But she was more tired than me, so she went to bed at 2 AM and I went back to the club and continued the party dancing with my new Brazilian friends until 4 AM. Working on a boat is hard work, at least for your health!

Here are a few more pictures I took of the Brazilian dancers

©Cecilia Damström

©Cecilia Damström

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