Sunday, 18 May 2014

The Andy Warhol Exhibition

Sunday 18th of May. Upp after an other refreshing 4 hours, caught the regional train to Tampere with Matilda, dropped of my things at home and headed to the Sara Hildén Art Museum. At the museum they have at the moment (until the end of May 2014) a wonderful Andy Warhol exhibition going on! I have been planning on going to the exhibition since long, and today the percussion group Osuma Ensemble also had a concert there at 3 PM, so a perfect occasion to combine the two. The concert consisted of pieces that were either written by friends of Warhol or inspired by him. 

After the concert, that lasted for about 45 minutes, we stayed with Matilda and a few other friends for a walking tour around the exhibition. The one hour tour was absolutely great! I didn’t know much about Warhol, but he seems to have been quite an eccentric and difficult person, like many other famous artists…

In front of one of the paintings, that looked just like a big black square, the guide stopped and told us: “Once while I was having a guided tour around here and we stopped in front of this picture, a 10-year old girl stared for a very long time at this painting. After a while she said “It is a horse”. We were very astonished and thought first that “everyone can see what every they want to see in a painting”, but she insisted “Can’t you see? It is a horse!” and when I kneeled down and looked at the painting from her perspective I noticed she was right: when the light fell in the right angel on the black square, you could see there was a horse painted underneath, which had been covered completely by the black square, but which was  visible from a certain angle. So there we learn once again that children sometimes look much more thorough while looking at art than we grown ups.”

After the exhibition I went for evening mass, and then straight home and to sleep, at 20.30! Tomorrow I will have to start to work hard on my orchestra piece, but right now I just have to sleep!

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