Sunday, 25 May 2014

The 14,5 hour party!

So Friday May 23rd I spent the whole day composing! Absolutely the whole day, from about 10 in the morning until 5 at nigh. Today again (Saturday May 24th) I got up at 9 AM and started cleaning. My room has been an absolute mess, as I never am home nor have time to clean... But today I'm hosting my "Thank you and Farewell" Party so I have to get this place into shape somehow!

It was a lovely warm early summers day and about 26°C and sunny. I cleaned without eating from 9-16.30 o'clock. Then I rushed with my roll cartridge to Lidl for shopping food! I bought all together about 18 liters of soft drinks and loads and loads of food back home, all alone! (Still don't know how I managed to carry it all...)

I arrived home at 18 o’clock, the time I had written the party was supposed to begin, and I hadn’t even showered yet. But people usually don’t arrive exactly at the given time, so I went and had a shower anyway. And as in all films, the doorbell rang while I was in the shower, and as expected, the first guests were of course male guests, who slightly embarrassedly asked me “wasn’t the party supposed to start at 18 o’clock?” when I opened the door in only a shower robe. I replied “yes, yes, I’m just always a bit time optimistic, but go to the kitchen and have some drinks, there is lot’s to chose from!”. So while my first guests had to keep each other company I got dressed, but still had a towel around my wet hair for the next hour or so (while the next 6 or 7 guests arrived). I made punch, salad, put some frozen pizzas in the oven, cooked some Indian stew and rice and baked a mud cake while my guests were arriving one by one. After the first round of food was done I had time to finally blow dry my hair. Then I continued with baking more cake.

All food was very popular and was happily eaten up by my guests. I was so happy to have so many lovely friends who came over and the party was really great!

After 2 AM many people left, but there were a few tough warriors that happily stayed at the party throughout the night, which was really nice.  But at 8.30 AM (after 14h of party) I was getting tired and had to be a rude host and tell my last guests: sorry but the party is over, I need to go to sleep so that I can continue composing as soon as possible for being able to graduate. So my guests, who still weren’t tired went off and decided to have a swim in the lake close to my house (and also did so, I was told afterwards)! So at about 10 AM I got to bed, after 25h awake (and 14,5 h party)!

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