Thursday, 15 May 2014

After My Recital

Thursday the 15th of May. I can’t believe it’s all over! Well, not quite true, I still have my thesis dissertation tomorrow and have to write a 10 minute orchestra piece before the end of the month and hand in some tasks for graduating… But the concert! It’s over!

After I had hugged all my friends and family who came to the concert yesterday I got all my stuff (my backpack and two plastic bags) and went with my parents by car to my apartment. While my parents and grandmother greeted my rabbit I ate for the first time this day; Chinese food my mum had brought from a take-away! I was starving but had about 10 minutes to stuff in me as much food as possible and change clothes before I was off again.

The route of the night were all our stamping grounds: pub Tuoppi, Artturi and bar Gloria. When I stepped into Tuoppi the pub burn out into applauses. All my friends were already there and were seated and beaming at me. It was such a wonderful feeling in the air! I was so tired and wanted to talk to and thank everyone and it was so hard to “choose” whom to sit with.

After Tuoppi we went to Artturi, because that place serves food late. But at 2 AM also that place closed, so more or less the only option left (on the West side of the river) that was open until 4 AM was bar Gloria, so a decent number of us headed there.

At 5 AM  I was finally home and in bed and asleep! Thinking I would sleep nice and long I was quite disappointed to wake up at 11 AM and notice I couldn’t sleep any longer. (My body seems to have got used to 4h sleep a night…) Even though I should be preparing my PowerPoint presentation of the dissertation of my thesis for tomorrow, I couldn’t help my self and be simply lazy and do absolutely nothing at all until the afternoon.

At 17 o’clock I headed to the Tampere Hall: they are planning on founding a new small society for students which will be called “The Young Listeners Club” and wanted to hear students opinions about what this club could be like and what we would be interested in. Because I am absolutely terrified by how “traditional” and boring (!!!) theprogramme of Tampere Philharmonic is in autumn 2014, I felt I really needed to attend this meeting for getting my voice heard about this terrible matter. In autumn 2014 there is exactly TWO new piece on the programme! More or less everything else is Shostakovitch, Prokofiev, Tchaikovsky and Stravinsky! Yes yes, I do like these composers as well, but it’s a bit boring to only listen to these a whole season, don’t you think? Like if the world wasn’t full of music!

After the meeting I listened to the concert of Tampere Philharmonic which included Ligeti, Prokoffiev's 3rd piano concerto and Tchaikovsky’s first symphony (as if it would be foreboding next autumns programme). I was so tired in the concert I had a really hard time to concentrate and listen.

Have a listen to Prokofiev's 3rd piano concerto, just because
 it's such a great piece, performed by Yuja Wang
(although she wasn't performing in Tampere).

After the concert I went home for planning tomorrows thesis dissertation. While skimming through my thesis I noticed a terrible error: I had forgotten to paste the whole conclusion into the rightly formatted thesis that I had sent of to my opponents!  (Well, in a way I’m not that surprised, my thesis is all together 75 pages and I have been very tired lately, so a mistake was almost bound to happen…) So I quickly sent of the conclusion of my thesis to my opponents, hoping it wouldn’t pull down my grade too much!

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