Friday, 9 May 2014

Thesis, Thesis and Thesis…

Friday the 9th of May.
Yesterday was quite an awful day. Got up early and started working on my thesis at 8 AM (after about 4 hours of sleep) and worked on it in one go until about 13 o’clock. Then I went for lunch at a student restaurant on the way to the city centre, got my ordered vegetable bag from Runsaudensarvi and went back home for working on my thesis from 16 o’clock until about 4 AM in one go once again. I wrote about 25 pages today (out of 60 so far)… But I should hand in my thesis TODAY.

After a refreshing 4h night I continued writing my thesis from 8-17 in one go, without even having lunch. After this I had lunch and headed of for a rehearsal of my chamber music piece “Landet som icke är” for my up coming concert 14.5. I’m conducting (or again mainly just being a metronome) this piece as well. Today we had a rehearsal with only the string players and the percussionist. I was surprised by the fact how difficult it was at times for a few musicians just to keep the tempo during large triplets, so we even practiced with a real metronome (or actually a smartphone metronome app) a few sections.

I was planning on handing out flyers after the Tampere Philharmonic concert but it was raining and I was very tired, so I decided not to go and stand in the rain and cold today and headed instead home and kind of finished of my thesis and sent it of at 2 AM to my supervisor and opponents. After that I started getting stressed about tomorrows orchestral rehearsal, which I am conducting this time, because my friend Tuomas Turriago (who will be conducting the piece in the concert 14.5) is occupied with accompanying the audition of a new violinist for the Tampere Philharmonic. So at 2 AM I continued practicing my conducting (and practicing changing bar meters) until I finally dared go to sleep.

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