Friday, 16 May 2014

The Rabbit Review

My flatmate was so nice and had brought my rabbit Viljo to the concert in a cage! I was so happy he had thought about it! I had been thinking it would be so nice to have my rabbit at the concert, and my flatmate thought about it by him self and brought Viljo along! Viljo likes to listen to classical music. But he has been “well trained” because he has been listening to classical music for over a year, so he has developed a taste for what he likes and doesn’t like. (Generally he likes tonal music, especially music in mayor keys. But he also accepts for instance Lutoslawski, to which he listens with interest, while when listening to Messiaen (Veint regards a un infant Jesus) he starts to shiver and looks like if he is going in to some kind of panic state!)

So I asked my flatmate what the verdict of Viljo was of my concert so he told me:

Die Berge and Der Wald Viljo liked very much, and lay happily on his stomach.

Flying high he also liked but he got up and listened to it while sitting.

Landet som icke är he must have thought was too loud because he turned 90 degrees so that he wasn’t anymore facing the stage but instead the wall. (The piece has trumpet and percussion in it that are quite “loud”, at least for a rabbit I would guess!)

In my song cycle Dagbok he became very restless and started tearing the newspapers in his cage and was generally very agitated and wasn’t looking very happy. When I think of it; every time that I have played a recording of Dagbok he has started shredding paper! Maybe he feels the lyrics and is inspired by “I want to tear rip shred…”?

In the second half he was still calming down during the first piece Visheten. During Han som du älskar finns inte mer he was again listening more attentatively. And in the last piece Min Gud he finally relaxed completely, like in the beginning and listened to it while lying on his stomach.

So this was the verdict of my rabbit Viljo. He disagrees with Harri Hautala, the music critique of Aamulehti, Viljo doesn’t seem to like my song cycle but on the other hand he does much more prefer my choral cycle Min Gud instead.

An old pic from january 2013 of me and my rabbit and music critique Viljo

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