Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Concert of the Tampere Composers

Wednesday May 7th. Today I had both a interview and a concert so I slept well and used the whole morning actually just for taking it easy and making my hair nice (curling it takes about 45 minutes….)

At about 12.30 I met up with Harri Hautala at the nice and cute café Amurin Helmi close to where I live. We had a nice chat and he recorded the whole interview. When the interview was done the photographer came and took a few photos, while Mr. Hautala already had to leave as he was in a hurry to the next place.

After the interview, that I think went pretty well, I had lunch at school. (In Finland the state supports student meals at certain lunch restaurants, so we pay only 2,60 euros for a full warm meal including salad, bread and a glass of milk and sometimes even coffee or tea.)

In the evening we had at 19.00 the Tampere composers concert at Pyynikki castle. Unfortunately there was at the same time a big concert in the main venue of the conservatory, but anyway, we had a good audience of about 40 people (which is quite a lot considering contemporary music).

Pyynikki castle. © Cecilia Damström

My friend and pianist Tuomas Salokangas premiered my piano solo piece “Psychedelic”. He played it really well, but unfortunately the piano in the Pyynikki castle isn’t that good, so the whole idea of hearing the rich overtones of the piano didn’t quite come out that well. But I was anyway happy with the performance and Tuomas has promised to record the piece with me later on a better piano. I will put the recording on my soundcloud once it is ready.

Tuomas Salokangas premiering Psycedelic.
© Cecilia Damström

My piano piece Psychedelic is very different from my other pieces, it is very minimalistic and I didn’t expect anyone in the crowd would like it much, especially as the piano today wasn’t that good at bringing out the point of the piece. But to my surprise many people came and thanked me for the piece and I was so amazed! Tuomas told me a friend had said that he had felt almost like a “ meditative and almost religious experience” while listening to this piece! I think that is very flattering!

Tuomas Salokangas premiering Psycedelic.
© Cecilia Damström

After the concert we as usual headed of to our stamping ground, bistro pub Tuulensuu, where we had reserved a table. I invited my friend Tuomas for a glass of nice beer and the legendary potato vedges,  and also had a portion my self accompanied by a glass of wine, all of course paid on my Master Card as my account is currently on -22 euros… But I’ll get some money next month to pay my MasterCard, so it’s okay.

Unfortunately I had to leave early (at around 22 o’clock) because I had to continue writing my thesis, as I was supposed to hand in the thesis to my supervising teacher tonight! Didn’t really happen though… Worked on it until 4 AM but still not close to ready!

Me and my friend Natalja.

The pianist Tuomas Salokangas. © C.Damström

The famous potato wedges at Tuulensuu.
© Cecilia Damström
Three glasses of wine at Tuulensuu. © C.Damström

Duo Musicare (Piia Rytkönen and Juuli Vaulasvirta) and composer Matti Carter.
© Cecilia Damström

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