Saturday, 26 April 2014

Brass Chamber Music

Saturday April 26th. Today my trumpetist friend (and my former flatmate) Mari Pakarinen had her chamber music exam at 12 PM in the Finlayson church.

Colored windows and shadows at the Finlayson church. © Cecilia Damström

The programme was:

Joseph Horovitz: Music Hall Suite

Soubrette song
Soft shoe suffle
Les girls

Luis Pasquet: Suite for brass quintet


Witold Lutoslawski: Mini Overture


Sauli Saarinen, trumpet
Eero Kiukkonen, trumpet
Ilona Keltti, horn
Ulla Ahonen, trombone
Tiia Luoma, tuba

Oskar Böhme: Brass Sextett in E flat minor, op. 30

Knitted Mitten brass sextet

Mari Pakarinen, cornet
Hannu Raijas, trumpet
Antero Suvilaakso, trumpet
Ansku Jämsä, horn
Heikki Niskakangas, trombone
Sanna Sorvo, euphonium

Knitted Mitten brass sextet @ Cecilia Damström
I was very positively surprised by the piece Maris sextet played by the German composer Oskar Böhme! I have never before heard such well sounding and well orchestrated brass music! Usually brass music is for me something more like “out door music for parties”, but the oktet was very different from that kind of music and I really enjoyed it! Mari of course got full points for her exam (5/5).

Eero Kiukkonen, Sauli Saarinen and Mari Pakarinen.
Three happy trumpetists who all just passed their chamber music exam
with full points! Congratulations! © Cecilia Damström

I was planning on composing this afternoon, but somehow I didn’t manage to compose at all… Instead I once again tried to clean up a bit, because tonight three composers are staying at my place: Dante Thelestam, Lauri Supponen and Matei Ghiorghiu. I also had to go and buy the roses and sparkling wine for the concert and at 17 o’clock Niilo Tarnanen and Lauri already picked me up for the Korvat Soi -concert at 18 o'clock.

Me and my dear friend Mari after her exam. © Tuomo Sukanen

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