Monday, 7 April 2014

Meeting up with the Music Technologist

Monday the 7th of April. I was really exhausted this morning after the weekend. (I still went to church after the concert yesterday, and after church we had choir practice until 21.30…) My calendar showed a free morning so I did nothing. Until Petrus Tuisku called me and I suddenly remembered we had agreed to have a meeting at 15.00 but I had forgotten to write it into my calendar! That’s how it goes if I don’t write something in m calendar, I forget it! Anyway, luckily Petrus had time o meet up 30 min later, so it wasn’t a problem.

Petrus Tuisku is studying music technology at Tampere Conservatory and he will be recording my upcoming composition concert on the 14th of May. So we met up for discussing what kind of music the concert will contain and how it will be recorded. I am so happy I got a music technologist to help me, because I will have two pieces for flute and electronics, and electronics always make me really nervous, because they NEVER work as they should. But I usually never know why, while music technology students figure it out within no time. So I’m very thankful Petrus agreed to help me with this concert. The recording will also be part of his studies (the students of music technology have to record a live concert), but it wouldn’t have had to be such a “complex” concert as mine is; flute and surround electronics, quintet, ensemble, solo song with an orchestra and choir. Well, at least he will get to use all his skills! We discussed what kinds of microphones are most suitable and how Petrus will be positioning them and other technical stuff. I’m so glad this concert will be recorded properly!

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