Thursday, 17 April 2014

Getting Flyers Ready

Thursday April 17th. This whole day has been dedicated to getting the flyers done for my composition concert. I wanted to get them done today so that I can hand it out to people at church during Easter (next weekend).

But there were a few complications. I wrote to our (Tampering’s) graphic designer Ida Sokka and asked if she had the flyer ready yet and she replied “I sent it to you already”. Well turned out that the email had somehow managed to loose it, and I never got it! Ida commented “oh that explains why you never said thank you” with a smile. So funny when you notice these misunderstandings…!

So Ida sent me the flyer, but I didn’t first notice there was a mistake: the date was wrong! This turned out to be my bad, because I had sent her the wrong date by mistake (no idea how that could happen, so embarrassing! I’ll blame my dyslexia…). Ida was so nice and managed to correct the date within a few hours, and more over added more wonderful colours to the poster so it became even better!

Now having the right poster I hurried off to school for getting it printed by our PR department. It’s great that my concert is in co-operation with TAMK, because it helps a lot with printing costs of advertising and flyers!

After having got everything done I went straight to church for Maundy Thursday mass, and after that I packed my bags and am now sitting in the train heading to Helsinki for my upcoming Easter “holidays”.

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