Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Regular Busy Tuesday

Tuesday the 8th of of April. A regular busy day. Began at 9 AM with a piano lesson with my teacher Risto Kyrö. Then I headed for the composition studio for doing some more re-scoring of my choir composition Min Gud, re-writing it from woman’s choir to mixed choir. Well, for that I used more or less most of my day.

In the afternoon I went to the organic (food) store Ruohonjuuri, because they have a 10% discount for students on Tuesdays, so I always make sure to go there on a Tuesday, especially when buying expensive things like Aloe Vera juice (20 euros a bottle).

In the evening was again a performance of the musical theatre Bus Number 13 at Tampere Hall, which I went and watched. I ended the evening with a bit more re-scoring in the composition studio.

Tiitus Ylipää, Antti Kerosuo, Alina Lehti and in the middle Meerika Ahqvist.
My piece "Erottelua" in Bus Number 13. © C. Damström

My piece "Anglismeja" in Bus Number 13. © C. Damström

Tiitus Ylipää in Bus Number 13.
© C. Damström

Alina Lehti and Meerika Ahqvist
in my piece "Sonetti" in Bus Number 13.
© C. Damström

Antti Kerosuo, Tiitus Ylipää, Meerika Ahlqvist and Alina Lehti
in Matilda Seppäläs piece "Huudahduksia" in Bus Number 13.
© C. Damström

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