Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Bus Number 13 Rehearsals and PMO composition concert

Wednesday the 2nd of April. The day began with my piano class with Risto Kyrö at 9 AM. We are now preparing the pieces I need to play in case I get invited for the entrance exams for masters at the Sibelius Academy. I’m going to play Bach’s Prelude in e minor (from the first book of WTK), the last movement of Beethovens pathetic sonata and the prelude “La Puerta del Vino” by Debussy. I have played the Bach prelude a few years ago, so I have already quite a clear opinion about how I want to play it. But Kyrö didn’t really approve of my version at all. And I didn’t approve of his version either. I actually found it really amusing, I felt like a little stubborn child who simply was saying “no!”. Well, it’s hard to give in when the piece is dear to you and you feel you know exactly how you want to play it. So all lesson we were discussing back and forth and didn’t really come to any conclusion other than that I said “okay, I can try it your way, although I don’t approve.”

After piano class I went to the composition studio for correcting the orchestra score of Dagbok. During the conducting course last weekend we found loads of small mistakes. So I spent about 4 hours today looking through the score really carefully and drawing in correction with a pencil pen in  my printed version.

After that I headed to Tampere Hall for seing the rehersals of Bus number 13. Unfortunately I just came there at the end of their run through, so I only saw the last 3 pieces. But it looked great! After the run through the director Auvo Vihro was giving feedback and everyone was so tired. There fore these photos, where everyone looks really unmotivated and tired, after an almost 7 hour rehersal. But I have to say; what a great and motivated team! It's been so much fun working with all of them!

Our tired team. Roope Mäenpää (cb), Heidi-Annina Nikkilä (vln) , Eero Kokkonen (perc)
and Anni Härkönen (vcl). Rehearsal at Tampere Hall 2.4.2014. ©C.Damström

Singer Alina Lehti listening to Vihro. Rehearsal at Tampere Hall 2.4.2014. ©C.Damström

Singer Meerika Ahlqvist looking exceptionally tired after 7h rehearsal.
Rehearsal at Tampere Hall 2.4.2014. ©C.Damström

Contrabass player and composer Roope Mäenpää paying attention to Vihros words.
 Rehearsal at Tampere Hall 2.4.2014. ©C.Damström

Clarinetist and saxophone player Andreas Heino listening to Vihro
while Roope puts away his contrabass.
Rehearsal at Tampere Hall 2.4.2014. ©C.Damström

An exceptionally tired singer Antti Kerosuo, in the background Anni Härkönen.
Rehearsal at Tampere Hall 2.4.2014. ©C.Damström

Singer Meerika Ahlqvist checking if the shoe broke during rehearsals.
Rehearsal at Tampere Hall 2.4.2014. ©C.Damström

An energetic Auvo Vihro is explaining what can be improved to a listening Antti Kerosuo.
Rehearsal at Tampere Hall 2.4.2014. ©C.Damström

After the rehearsal ended I went together with my classmate composers Jarkko Pajunen and Timo Kittilä to listen to a composition concert of the children and teenagers studying music at Pirkanmaan musiikkiopisto (Pirmanmaa music institute). It was a very nice concert, where the children had in a workshop them selves written poems (about all kind of random things) and then other children had composed music inspired by the poems. The audience was asked not to applause in-between, so it was a nice whole concert. The audience applauded very much at the end instead. This same concert will also be performed on the 13th of April as a part of the Tampere Family Day.

After the concert I headed back to the composition studio and continued correcting the score for my orchestrated version of Dagbok. But I only stayed until 00.30 o’clock, because tomorrow I have classes beginning at 9 in the morning. 

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