Monday, 14 April 2014

Regular Day

Monday the 14th of April.  Yesterday I had a wonderful free day! Slept until 1PM and went to the evening mass and quite early to bed.

Today I have had a regular day. Finally filled in the online application for Hanns Eisler School of Music in Berlin, and noticed that I should have sent in a signed version of the application by tomorrow! I was horrified, after all I had gone through on Friday, and I feared it maybe all was in vain! But I called the secretary in Berlin and she was nice and said she could print out the online application I had filled in and add it to my other papers, so nice of her!

The whole afternoon and evening I used for making midi tracks of my works “Visheten” and “Han som du älskar finns inte mer” for the choir Näsin Ääni so that the choir members can practise it at home as well. It took me much longer time than I thought (because I make separate tracks for every voice, so that makes 8 seperate tracks + 1 track with all voices for Visheten and 5+1 tracks for the other song, all together 15 tracks).

By the evening I was feeling quite desperate because I have both piano class and conducting class tomorrow, and I hadn’t had time to prepare any of them and it was already 23.30. I was considering of texting my piano teacher and saying I can’t come tomorrow, but I decided to focus, and instead of giving up started practising piano, then practised conducting for a while and at 3 in the morning I was already much happier with my self and went home! It may sound strange, but I’m very happy I’m not in a relationship (anymore), and can practise with a good conscience piano until 3 in the morning without having to “call home” and telling anyone “I’m alright”. It feels so good to be 100% free!

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