Sunday, 27 April 2014


Three of my fellow composers stayed the night at my place and we had a really interesting discussion before falling asleep about how jealousy can destroy friendships. The discussion ignited from a quote once said by a composer who shall go unnamed: “Composers can never be friends because they are always competitors”. Personally, I find this quote ridiculous and I think it only applies to very self centred and narrow-minded people. But in some way I can also slightly understand this thought, and considering relationships I can even somewhat agree with it; I can’t imagine being together with a composer (truthfully, I can’t imagine being together with anyone at the moment, but that’s a different chapter… but especially not with a composer).

When it comes down to friendship I don’t understand how people can destroy friendships due to jealousy! Personally I feel there is enough room for all good music and if you work hard (not only with composing but also work for getting your music performed) you can always say you have done your best and gave it a shot. Only because your friend gets good opportunities doesn’t mean there are less opportunities available for you. Maybe you wouldn’t have got the same opportunities in any case!

Of course almost everyone feels jealous once in a while, but even if I think some person/piece hasn’t deserved the praise/acknowledgement it gets, it doesn’t mean I think less of the person or dislike him/her! Well, maybe I will understand this quote one day, when I’m bitter, old and gray, but I will do my best never to grow bitter (nor jealous)! Old and gray is okay with me. But for now I’m just happy to have so many great composer friends with whom I can share my thoughts about music, art and all kind of other beautiful things in life! Without composer friends for instance, these sorts of Korvat Auki concerts wouldn’t be possible to arrange, think about that!

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