Thursday, 27 February 2014

Suomen Kultturirahasto

On Thursday the 27th  of February it was the 75th anniversary celebration of the Finnish Cultural Foundation (Suomen kulttuurirahasto). The celebration was organized at the Finlandia Hall in Helsinki. Both the composer society Tampering of which I am a founding member, as well as I myself were awarded a grant this year, so I am very happy! Tampering got 15.000 euros for getting started and for organizing concerts. I got 4.500 euros for attending Doctor Samuel Adler’s composition course at Freie Universität Berlin for six weeks in the summer 2014. .I’m really looking forward to the summer course!

After the official party at the Finlandia Hall, I went with my friend Matilda Seppälä (also a founding member of Tampering) to Urkki. There we met among others the pianist Risto-Matti Marin, the conductor Atso Almila (now head teacher of conducting at the Sibelius Academy), the composer Yrjö Hjelt, the composer Kimmo Kuitunen and the editor of sheet music Kari Vehmainen. Later on we met and were introduced to the composer Kalevi Aho as well. It was a very nice evening and I am glad to have met all these friendly people!

Thank You SKR!

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