Friday, 28 February 2014

Grant applications

On February 28th there was once again a deadline for a grant application. There were at least two different trusts to apply from on this day, Greta & William Lehtinen trust, and Svenska Folkskolans vänner. I decided to apply only from Svenska Folkskolans vänner, because then I can write the application in Swedish, which is much easier for me than writing in Finnish. (I went to a Swedish school, speak German and English at home, so even though I live in Finland, Finnish is my fourth language.)

I applied for 3.000 euros for my self for this summer (July and August) so that I can work full time with my up-coming cello sonata “Borrelia” commissioned by the cellist Lukas Stasevskij. I also applied for our composer society Tampering, for organizing a choir concert with new choral music in Swedish, so let’s keep our fingers crossed!

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