Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Korvat Auki - Sininen hetki

On Wednesday the 26th of February the composer association Korvat Auki - Open Ears organized a concert named “Sininen hetki” at the chamber music hall of the Sibelius Academy on Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 9, Helsinki. The programme was music written by Korvat Auki members and it was performed mainly by students from the Sibelius Academy. The concert was organized in collaboration with the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra, so we advertised for them and they for us. (Our concert was at 5 PM and the RSO concert started at 7 PM, so many people went to both.)

In this concert my cycle of miniatures named “Expressionen Op.27” (Expressions) was once again performed, this time by the clarinettist Anton Morozov, the cellist Jenni Witick and the accordion player Yngvild Vivja Haaland Ruud.  They played really well and I am very happy with the concert! I was amazed by how fast they had learnt my music! And I’m also happy that they really enjoyed playing my music. Not only did they say it, but you could also see it in the concert and they have told me they want to record the piece for me in the Sibelius Academy studio! I am exited about that as well!

After the concert we hung out with other Korvat Auki members, first in Saint Urho’s Pub (also known as “Urkki” among musicians), then pizza in Kallio, and then I went back to Urkki where I met up with my friend and cellist Lukas Stasevskij and met among others the conductor Tuomas Rousi and the pianist Victoria Vatanskaja (who recently graduated from SibA). I also met a few of the musicians from the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra, as all musicians always come to Urkki. It was a nice evening!

Here are a few photos from the concert that I took of my musicians.

And here you can listen to an earlier performance of my cycle Expressionen.

And here is the official Sininen Hetki Programme:

Korvat auki presents a Blue Moment among new music, a chamber concert where you can let yourself be transported by the latest works of the youngest generation, performed by young and prodigious musicians.

Kalle Autio - S'exciter
Aino Tenkanen - Trio oboelle, käyrätorvelle ja sellolle
Walter Sallinen - Spleen
Kristian Kivelä - I Hear With You
Jens Lindqvist - Asymptote

Juuli Markkanen, oboe
Lauri Supponen, cor anglais
Anton Morozov, clarinet
Aleksi Mäkimattila, horn
Mari Pakarinen, trumpet
Batia Murvitz and Maritta Manner, piano
Yngvild Vivja Haaland Ruud, accordion
Annika Fuhrmann, soprano
Lea Tuuri and Hanna Ponkala, violin
Eeva Saari, viola

Uniarts Sibelius-Academy R-house Chamber music hall
(Pohjoinen rautatiekatu 9, Helsinki)

Ears open members and ticket holders of RSO evening concerts have free entry

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