Wednesday, 29 August 2018

What a day!

Today my second string quartet "Letters" will be premiered by the amazing Brodsky Quartet at the wonderful Stift Festival in The Netherlands.

Today my orchestra piece "Lurcum" will also get it's Finnish premiere by Jyväskylä Sinfonia in Jyväskylä.

Today I got an email telling me that my blog "A Composer's Diary" had been chosen by a jury among the top 15 music compositions blogs by Feedspot. Being dyslectic and writing the blog not in my mother-tongue, I must say I'm quite proud!

Today I got an email about more great things that are coming up in the future.

Today has been a quite an awesome day and the premieres haven't even begun!

I would say "I'm living the dream", but I never ever even could dream of a life like this!

Thank you Daniel Rowland​, the Brodsky Quartet, Ari RasilainenJyväskylä Sinfonia and Feedspot for making THIS day so great! And very thankful to ALL people who have helped me in so many ways over so many years, and who make my life THIS awesome!

Wishing you all an as awesome day as I'm having today!

Photo credit to Marthe Veian Andreassen​

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