Saturday, 29 September 2018

Intense Concert Week Ahead

In about one weeks time "Sof godt!" for mezzo soprano, baritone and orchestra will get it's world premiere on the 8th of October at 6PM in Vaasa City Hall! The piece will also be performed in the Schauman Hall in Jakobstad on the 9th of October and in Helsinki at the old concert hall of Sandels Music Institute on the 11th of October, both concerts at 6PM!

In exactly two weeks time my second piano quintet "Aino - Emotions from the Life of Aino Sibelius" will get it's Swedish premiere in the Berwald Hall in Stockholm on the 13th of October at 1 PM!

For this reason I would like to share the recording of the last movement "Iron" from Aino, recorded at the world premiere last June at the amazing Kokonainen Festival! Please have a listen!

All concerts, just as the streaming of this recording, for free!

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