Thursday, 8 March 2018

Happy Women's Day!

Wishing everyone a wonderful Women's Day!
Very honoured by the fact that the first pieces by me that will be performed at the big Scandinavian venues such as the Finlandia Hall, Helsinki Music Centre (main hall), Stockholm Concert Hall, Turku Concert Hall and Linköping Concert & Congress Hall are all compositions for male choir! Many thanks to all the men who have taken the initiative to commission women like me to write new pieces for male choir, as the absence of repertoire in their choirs composed by women is striking! (One choral library of over 600 pieces for male choir contained only one piece composed by a woman, which makes about 0.17% of the library!) Thank you to the men who decided to make a change and for making the world more equal on this point.
Next performances: 24.3 Finlandia Hall (world premiere of "Pauli Ord" by Muntra Musikanter at their 140 year anniversary concert), 14.4 Helsinki Music Centre (Finnish premiere of "At Teasdale's" by Akademiska Sångföreningen at their 180 year anniversary concert) and 21.4 Stockholm Concert Hall (Orphei Drängar will sing "At Teasdale's" at their spring concert)! Welcome!
After the premiere of "Sailing to Windward" at Brahe Djäknar's 80 year
anniversary concert on the 13th of May 2017 at Turku Concert Hall.
Photo by Janne Valkeajoki

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