Friday, 19 February 2021

FFF week 4: Sign the petition to stop plant-based dairy censorship

I would like to contribute to FFF (Fridays for Future) in my own way: by sharing one concrete action per week that YOU can do, and which I have done, for combating climate change. 

FFF week 4: Sign the petition to stop plant-based dairy censorship

WHY: On October 23 2020, the European Parliament voted yes on amendment 171 and if adopted, it will have massive consequences for the plant-based food industry. Dairy terms are already protected by law. Amendment 171 would go further and censor all use of dairy-related language, packaging, or imagery for plant-based foods. Depending on how Amendment 171 is interpreted, its adoption could herald a ban on essential information for those who suffer from allergies and intolerances to dairy. More broadly, on-pack labeling and visual cues are how we, as consumers, determine what a product is and what it can be used for. For example, presenting plant-based alternatives to dairy cheese in a classic block shape shows consumers how the product is intended to be used, and gives an indication of texture and flavor. Amendment 171 could result in a total ban on these visual cues for plant-based foods.

WHAT CAN I DO: You can sign the petition to stop amendment 171 and thereby stop plan-based dairy censorship. You can also spread information by sharing @proveg.inter#stopam171 posts (or this post).

GOOD NEWS! Already 66% of Europeans eat less meat to fight climate change. Also, this petition “Stop amendment 171” has soonr reached its goal and got 300.000 signatures! Thank you to everyone who signed! ❤ 

Sign the petition at: 

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