Wednesday, 22 January 2020

USA Tour coming up!

Last year 2019 was not an easy year - mildly said. But I have high hopes on that 2020 will be different and have some exciting news:

I'm super excited about visiting USA for three and a half weeks, most of February! Going to Los Angeles, Colorado and New York! Extremely excited (and slightly terrified at the same time)!! 😁 Going to LA for visiting my favourite American Lucy McKnight , to Colorado Springs for hearing the US premiere of my piece "Tundo!" by Colorado Springs Philharmonic conducted by the amazing Christian Reif and to New York because it's anyway on the way home... 😉
Friends in LA, Colorado and NYC, let's meet up! 😍

And this pic is a throwback pic from 2017 when I was at Playa El Saler in Valencia, Spain - the closest pic to what I imagine LA will look like in February... 😏

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