Monday, 30 March 2015

Back to Blogging!

Hello again dear blog readers! It’s been a long break, but now I’m back, and better late than never! The main reason is for that I haven’t had time to write this blog is because I have tried to start sleeping again normal hours, which I didn’t do a year ago, when I was writing most actively. But I have actually got quite some few texts ”in store”, so over the next weeks there might come both text from last summer as well as what’s going on now! Be prepared!

I moved to Malmö last August and am currently studying my masters in composition at Malmö Academy of Music with Luca Francesconi and Staffan Storm as my compositions teachers and Kent Olofsson in electroacoustic composition. I share a flat with two Finnish girls and I really enjoy my life in Malmö! Many people have asked me what it’s like living in Sweden and if there are big differences between Finland and Sweden, so there will for sure be blog posts coming up about life in Sweden versus Finland.

Spring is crazy busy as always; I have finished a four minute piece for windband, that will be premiered on the 29th of May in Stockholm, a piece for piano solo that will be premiered on the 20th of May in Malmö (and on the 25th of May in Helsinki) and currently I’m writing a piece for flute and electronics that will be premiered on the 17th of May in Malmö. Still coming up (this spring) is a piece for flute and accordion for the Sysmä Suvisoitto-festival, a 10 min piece for brass ensemble for Blekinge International Brass Academy, a cello-sonata and half a chamber opera that will be premiered in Norway in the end of August this year! So please wish me luck in keeping all these deadlines!

But this week it’s Easter and I’m flying home to Finland for a week, partly because I’m actually currently also enrolled in Tampere University of Applied Sciences and am studying piano with Risto-Matti Marin, so I will have a two piano lessons, and partly because my string quartet “Via Crucis” will be premiered on Good Friday by the Felis-quartet in Siuntio church at 6 PM! Every one is warmly welcome to the premiere!

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