Thursday, 1 May 2014

Vappu Day

Thursday first of May, Vappu day. Woke up very late. Only had time for lunch before I already headed back to Tampere Hall for handing out flyers after another Tampere phil concert. Today the audience was more reluctant than ever towards the flyers.

I had a good intention of actually going home and writing my thesis, because I have to give it in on the 9th of May. But before I knew it a friend of mine had already bought me a drink from the Tampere Hall.

Today I met Anton Chausovskii, the alternate concertmaster of Tampere Philharmonic. He is originally from Russia and has worked several years in Pori Sinfonietta, so I asked him how he liked living in Finland. He said he was very happy with the cultural life in Finland, which he finds is very active and well working. He also told me he was looking for new solo violin pieces and I told him I am at the moment writing a piece for solo violin which I would love to have performed (once it's ready), so I said I would send him a score when I'm done.

I, who was supposed to go home and write my thesis after handing out flyers, found myself eating dinner at Telakka with a friend and afterwards, once again, dropping by Annika’s place, though this time already at around 19 o'clock. It was cold outside (about + 8°C) but we were brave Finns and grilled sausages, chicken and halloumi cheese outside, simply because we could! I just ate salad, so I got quite cold and went home quite early (around 23 o’clock).

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